Image uploads Reinvented

Forms that allow seamless device switching. Great when your form asks for photo or document uploads.

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Why Flowmatik flows convert better than traditional forms

Start on Laptop, continue on Phone

Active Device Switch allows users to switch devices during form completion. This is great when you ask users to upload photos taken on their phone.

Auto save & Continue later

Users can come back to your flow after hours or days and their (partial) data will still be there.

Boost conversion with Reminders

Set automated reminders via e-mail or SMS. Users are pointed to the exact spot they left off, no more generic messages.

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How it works

Build a flow

Build flows to collect data with our drag 'n drop Flow Builder.

Share or Embed

Share your flow via a direct link or embed it on your own site.

Store your data

Send your data to Google Sheets or 1000+ apps via Zapier.

Build flows in minutes

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Works on any device

Have users complete their flows on any device, anytime anywhere.

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We doubled conversion since we implemented Flowmatik. Implementing is actually a big word as it took minutes.

Alen B

CEO, Bayrock
"We can now serve all of our users with one, easy to maintain flow. This would have taken months of planning and design if would have built them ourselves. I would definitely recommend Flowmatik."

Alen Bajrektarevic

CEO, Bayrock

Flows are forms on steroids

Flow are meant to be two way. Stitch together content like video, images or even embed html.

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Add automated reminders via e-mail and SMS

Save time chasing users.

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What are flows? And more...

What are flows?

Flows are the new forms. Build flows for user registration, onboarding, user sign ups or any form of data collection.

Where is the user data stored?

We're hooked into Google Sheets, which is synced to your flow.

What makes Flowmatik so special?

With our visual Flow Builder you can build flows that not only contain input fields but also include image, videos or even embed html. You can stitch together your entire funnel.

Send your data anywhere

Your data is your data. We only enable easy data collection.

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Actionable Analytics

We'll tell you where your users got stuck

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